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Ann Blakely

Pam's Traveling Coat Collection  

I have been crushed into suitcases and backpacks. I've been snowed on and sleeted on and windblown. I've climbed to heights no self-respecting coat should ever have to endure. I've ridden on subways, trains, and trolleys, flown in planes, and ridden in derelict taxis. I've bumped along on a donkey. I have felt like I was flying in the back of a pickup truck tearing across desert flats and dunes. I've waded into rivers and oceans and across streams on slippery rocks. I have even traveled on a Navy warship clear across the Pacific Ocean and helped steer it for just a little while. I've petted elephants in the wild and watched a cheetah hunt his weekly meal. I've climbed towers into what seemed to be the very clouds and crossed a bridge over a waterfall so tall and wide I couldn't see the end or the bottom of it. And more! It's been a lot for a coat to do! Join me in my travels! 

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Pat Pratt 

70-year-old self-proclaimed curmudgeon, Helen Boyer-Patterson, has been forced to reduce a life of independence to apartment-sized living at Golden Harvest Retirement Village. After a disgruntled settling in, sudden disappearances at the place pique her interest.

With lifelong friend, Maggie Taylor, and former fan-dancer, LeeAnne Warner, Helen forms HML—Healthy, Mature Ladies—Investigations—AKA the Tricycle Girls—to solve the crimes.

There is no lack of suspects, but will the Tricycle Girls catch the jewel thieves or peddle into more trouble than they can ride out of? 

Helen Patterson and her fellow Tricycle Girls, Maggie Taylor and LeeAnne Warner, embark on a week-long excursion to Stone Mountain, Georgia with other members of Golden Harvest, where they all reside. Along the way they encounter unwanted guests, unsavory characters, murder, and mayhem. Helen and the girls have one week to catch the killer. The list of suspects is long, and Helen is right at the top because of her 60-year history with the deceased. They must solve the crime because all agree Helen would not look good in horizontal stripes. 

Self-proclaimed curmudgeon, Helen Boyer Patterson, is about to find out when the words, “No Job Too Small”, on her Tricycle Girls business card comes back to haunt her.

She and fellow Tricycle Girls, Maggie and LeeAnne, are approached at Golden Harvest, the retirement village where they live, to find a lost item. The request comes from eight-year-old ReeAnn Walberg. The lost item is her best friend, Ariadne, who happens to be a stuffed rabbit.

Murder, mayhem, and match-making follow and have the Tricycle Girls scrambling for answers. Time is running out. Will they be able to solve the case?

Or will they, like Alice, tumble down a rabbit hole and get lost? 

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A. Carol 

For siblings Lori, Ray, and Charlie Holland, a family trip to the Roswell area of New Mexico includes a visit to the UFO Museum, which will lead them on an adventure of a lifetime. Upon returning to their home on a Texas farm, the Holland children are reunited with their special pets -- Star, a cat; Suzi, a dog; and Frankie, a ferret. Within a few short weeks they are invited by a family of extraterrestrials to join them on a three-day trip into outer space.

Told from the unique point of view of Lori's cat, Space Critters tells the story of how these pets become travelers through time and space alongside their owners. Join their adventures as they encounter a group of dangerous jellyfish, time travel to see the history of Earth, discover how the children's grandfather is connected to the extraterrestrials and the Roswell crash, and host the extraterrestrial family for a stay in their home.

In this first in a series of adventures, Space Critters blends science fiction and the paranormal into a young adult series from a debut novelist who is one to watch.

About the Author

After years working in the Texas schools as a speech/language/hearing therapist, A. Carol is now pursuing her career dream of writing. A grandmother and great-grandmother, she enjoys writing for the young adult/middle-grade fiction genre. She lives on sixty acres just outside the small town of Adamsville, Texas, with her husband, dog, and the wildlife that roam there. She is a graduate of Texas Woman's University.